Simon Sunde Denmark
+45 27 59 01 58
What ?

I'm a student at the University of Copenhagen taking my bachelor degree in Communication and IT. A relatively new course (initiated in 2009).
Combining my personal and professional interest in communicative interactions and developing, I've been involved in creating the infrastructure of a small consultancy for the past year. I've had the pleasure of being given various tasks involving Business Development, Marketing, Customer Community and Database Construction. Above that I've been managing minor entrepreneur projects besides my part-time job and studies.

How ?

I grew up in the era of social technology. Naturally I see communication as an inseparable part of any kind of media use. With that in mind, I believe it's what got me so interested in media theory, and the technology that comes with it. Taken the modern society into considerations, where innovative technology and informations flows are the key foundations - I believe communicative employees with an extended knowledge of IT are paramount for the companies that wish to be a defining part of the prospects of tomorrow. In order to be such an employee, I like to act as my biggest critic in order to reassure myself that the work I perform is the best possible within my capabilities. I'm influenced by creativity. It's important for me to be in an inspiring environment that invites to the unfoldment of the individual. I resent having to settle for a mediocre solution. The idea of putting my name to something i cannot vouch for is intimidating. Nevertheless customer satisfaction is crucial and will always be considered a resolving factor.

Why ?

In my adolescence I made an interesting discovery. Up to that time I was what some would describe as an 'underachiever'. I was told that I had the potential to make something of myself, but instead I chose not to care. That was until it began to dawn on me, that our minds can only get us so far, if not stimulated proper and frequently. Soon I found myself as captain of the social science debating team at my high school (which I at first didn't plan on going to) and I was actually enjoying it! Today I'm an University student, attending in various social and physical events(running the Copenhagen Marathon this May) and managing several IT-projects on the side. I'm constantly figuring out new ways of how to challenge every aspect of myself. I believe every day is one step closer towards the life we deserve. Microsoft's mission is stated as; to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. Not only do I believe in those values - I live by them. And I truly believe we could reach those goals together. Some may say I'm overly ambitious, but that’s only because I realize it can be done.